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  1. This was my second game of 504, played 2p with my wife, who stipulated that the game must involve goods and have no conflict. I figured 1 and 8 would make a very goods-centric combination, and put 1 into the second slot for variety after having played 123; 6 seemed to be a module which would speed up play and add very little complexity.

    The changing value on the goods board was our main interaction until almost the last turn, as we had plenty of space on our opposite sides of the board and little incentive to enter each other’s territory – but it did provide some interaction and need to watch each other’s turns. The game ran a good few turns, until having traded two sets of ten goods, I decided to bring about game end by building extra trading houses in the 5 cities I was already in – so as to be able to score all the tiles I’d collected and for their 2vp each – I couldn’t find anything in the rules restricting the number of trading houses a given player can have in a city (up to four anyway). Had my wife done this the previous turn she would probably have won as I was start player – as it was, she was unable to match my final maximised turn, and I won 59:50 (each of us scored 30 for two sets of goods, but I picked up a couple points for a few extra trading houses)

    I liked it, though the end felt a bit anti climatic. I found it fairly easy to understand the rules (if I got them right…) Would be interested to try with more players, and willing if not over eager to play a rematch 2p.

    • There is a limit of one trading house per city per player. I do not have the actual wording of the english rules, but the german rules say: When you turn your resident into a settlement you build a trading house. Only the first resident on a tile (city or whatever) turns into a settlement. Each other resident will be exhausted (or not, depending on the modules…).

      I think with this rule the game would not have ende anticlimatic.


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