Ein Kommentar zu “791 Die Welt der mächtigsten Aktiengesellschaften auf Reisen / The World of the Mightiest Stock Companies on Journeys

  1. Fun game. Very long though, especially as this was our first game with the share module. It took some figuring out how the turn order as established by 7.I and the company order from 9.II interacted. It total we might have spent an hour to get the rules right and the board set up (it was also one players first game of 504).

    The game flows well. The downtime can be a bit long, but when people got in the habit of planning out their turns ahead of time (as with 18xx games) it sped up considerably.

    The alternating share and business round felt nice, and there was enough incentive to occasionally sell shares (something we were doubtful of upon starting the game).

    End scores: We did not finish (4p).
    Total play time: 2,5 hours (estimated).
    Worlds visited so far: 123, 456, 672, 385, 791


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