Ein Kommentar zu “168 Die Welt der fahrenden Strassenbauer mit Produktionsbedarf / The World of Traveling Road Builders Craving with Production Needs

  1. 168 is pick-up and deliver with roads and plants. We had two new 504 players who caught on quickly. It was everyone’s first time with 8.x. The game took 2 :30 with setup and rules reading.

    Capitol placement was very influential. One player got squeezed when his two closest neighbors when both built in his direction. He ended up with about half the points of the other three players. One player completed four deliveries on the last turn. At the end, all trolleys were at five speed and 3/4 were expanded. The income for the top three players was around $80 at the end. Scores were 43/39/38/20.


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