2 Kommentare zu “274 Die Welt der rastlosen Großgrundbesitzer mit Gewaltpotential / The World of Restless Big Landowners with Potential for Violence

  1. My first 2p game of 504. The world fit the player number fine; in fact, I think maybe more players would not have made for a good experience.

    In the game, we started at opposite sides of map 2, and had the task of reaching 9 cities first (NB: the github-site states a wrong number of cities as game end condition). Once reached, a city can be taken away again (due to 4.III), but the city stays scored for game end/scoring purposed.

    Income is generated via majorities (so land types you have the most of).

    There is a tremendous amount of ebb and flow (at least there was in our game): on your turn, you build loads of residents, put them on the board, and sweep across the map. They are turned into settlements or die in combat, so at the end of your turn you’re left with only a couple.

    Maybe with tweaking of strategy and taking defensive positions to block the opponent from reaching 9 cities we could have had more control over the final outcome. The way we played it the game state was too much in flux each turn to really understand the game state.

    Because there are so many worlds to explore, I doubt I’ll revisit this one soon, which is a bit of a shame, because I feel we could have played this much better.

    I could also see a working variant of this one where the outer ring of the board is removed, to have the players closer together (only for 2p though). This tweak would need adjusting of the number of available residents/settlements, and maybe the amount of income generated.

    End scores: ? (not really relevant in 2.I)
    Total play time: about 1 hour
    Worlds visited so far: 123, 456, 672, 385, 791, 274

    • Actually Steven, github is right – it’s 7 cities for 2 players. Check the book of worlds for 2.1, the Game End section has a separate box for when 4.x is used.


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