Ein Kommentar zu “385 Die Welt der individuellen Unternehmer auf dem Weg ins Unbekannte / The World of Individual Businessmen on the Way to the Unkown

  1. The game was nice, if a bit long. This was the most ‚thinky‘ of the worlds I’ve played so far. Privileges as TOP I was interesting, and the dichotomy between the money generating plants (8.II vs the point generating factories (3.I) reminded us of games like St. Petersburg.

    Unfortunately, we made the mistake of forgetting the base income of $20 in a couple of rounds, which really slowed us down (both the bidding on privileges and the purchasing of residents). This resulted in us sometimes feeling like the game proceeded too slowly. Had we included the $20 in our income, the game would have probably ended 1 or 2 rounds sooner.

    The winner is our game was also the one who first managed to deliver 3 different goods; the income jump from 25 to 45 was too big to overcome for the other players, especially because we had forgotten the base income.

    End scores: 43, 25, 25, 22.

    Worlds visited so far: 123, 456, 672, 385


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