Ein Kommentar zu “418 Die Welt der kampflustigen Händler mit Produktionsbedarf / The World of Combative Traders with Production Needs

  1. (Played 4P.) This starts out interesting but overstays its welcome. It’s difficult and time-consuming to meet the end game conditions — either place all settlements or all residents or take an enemy capital. Once the board is filled, there’s just a lot of minor border skirmishing that doesn’t get a ton accomplished but means you lose a couple residents and/or one or two settlements each turn, prolonging the game without dramatically changing anyone’s board position. And because you fight in a separate stage after you’ve already taken all your actions, you can’t blitzkreig up a weakly defended lane to an opposing capital – the most you can do is one step each turn, giving your opponent plenty of time to fortify.

    If the game drove more to the end it would be a better experience. At some point I’ll try 42x, which might solve the blitzkreig problem, but I think I’ll stay away from 4.1 for a while.


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