Ein Kommentar zu “748 Die Welt der mächtigsten Generäle mit Produktionsbedarf / The World of the Mightiest Generals with Production Needs

  1. Played the world as a two player version and felt it was a little lacking.

    The Mehrheiten/Majority module was ok, the problem is that with 2 players you are expected to score about 30 points each scoring phase. Which means you have to remove 10 citizens.

    Now maybe we didn’t play all that well, but this led to a game where we almost felt like we were restarting the game 3 times as each scoring phase wiped about 80% of the board. The Produktion/Production module made the recovery even harder by the need to ‚waste turns‘ for building factories.

    I don’t know how Militär/Military is supposed to happen under that conditions. Fighting neutral cities seems to be too resource intensive and reaching the enemy was someting one had to very actively seek. In the end we had 2 fights only because I wanted to have at least one – I probably would have gotten more points if I took a completely peaceful route.

    Finally scoring seemed to be VERY luck dependent as to when the scoring card appears and the 3 point for players that missed their last turn is really far to few in this combination.

    Fazit: It was an interesting and fun experience, but I felt that this combination was a bit lacking with only 2. Expect it to be much better with 4 and therefore a more crowded map.


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