Ein Kommentar zu “847 Die Welt der produktiven Generäle mit Geltungssucht / The World of Productive Generals Craving for Recognition

  1. 4p game.

    Definitely not one of the best worlds. Due to the small number of game components this one feels extremely abstract (no cards, roads, shares etc.), without very deep strategy.

    Even in a four player game the map felt so big that combat was only a little part of the game: the game end (one player reaches 4 cities and has 5 goods) was reached before any real scraps had broken out.

    The player in 4th position managed to reach this first, which meant the other players did not have a chance to react.

    7.III felt was such a small part of the game (majorities only gave some additional bonus points at game end) that we chose not to use the majority board until the last turn.

    I feel that 8.I and 4II can both make for a great game, but not in 84x.

    Would not play again.

    End scores: 34, 30, 35, 23
    Total play time: about 1,5 hours
    Worlds visited so far: 123, 456, 672, 385, 791, 274, 847


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