Ein Kommentar zu “942 Die Welt der börsennotierten Generäle unter Zeitdruck / The World of Publicly Owned Generals pressed for time

  1. Mechanically World 942 is very well integrated, deep and interesting. It is not broken as some (many?) of the other 504 games. But it’s fiddly as ****.

    Around 1/3 of our play time was spent on handling money and calculating income, dividends and maintenance. It was especially annoying that there was to little money in the bank (as most money was out on the companies and between the players), so we had to change money between ourselves all the time to be able to pay the right amounts – often in multi-step exchanges (aaarghhh!).

    In my opinion this is a game that would work much better as a computer game rather than a physical board game. Then it would be very good.


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