Ein Kommentar zu “471 Die Welt der kampflustigen Großgrundbesitzer auf Reisen / The World of Combative Big Landowners on Journeys

  1. This was a really good game. With module 4 and 7 in the first 2 tops it was basically get a lot of land and fight for it if you have to. Module 4 gets you VP for having the most land and module 7 gives you money for having the most of certain types of land. I was thinking module 1 would add moving goods, but you can only move residents. I’d like to try a World where you are moving goods while trying to fight. Maybe 714. This was a lot of fun and would play again any time, because the module 7 and the randomness of the board increases the replayability. Only marked it an 8 because I don’t know what’s out there, but as of right now being about 4 games in it’s my favorite.


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