Ein Kommentar zu “257 Die Welt der rastlosen Erforscher mit Geltungssucht / The World of Restless Explorers Craving for Recognition

  1. Played 3 players. First player seemed to be at a disadvantage because of having less money at the start, which led to him having less income throughout the game. In the end the game was won by the 3rd player and the 1st player was in last.

    Exploration was fun, although we didn’t get the correct exploration markers onto the water and city tiles most of the game. I’m not sure it made a big difference in the outcome.

    The majorities module made some late-game decisions more interesting, although the high scoring it gives for the city majority is redundant to the Race scoring. It seems unlikely that the player who ends up with the city majority won’t win the game.

    In the end, I did have fun playing 257. But either consider changing starting money to 60, 65, 70, 75, or spending some time considering how the first player can avoid falling behind in income.


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