Ein Kommentar zu “387 Die Welt der individuellen Unternehmer mit Geltungssucht / The World of Individual Businessmen Craving for Recognition

  1. This was a very interesting game. It felt a bit Power Grid-ish, but it was interesting because unlike PG, one thing gets you money (plants) and another thing wins you the game (factories). So the key to the game seems to be figuring out the perfect time to transition from building income to scoring points. Too earlier and you will have trouble building lots of plants, which can be a bit expensive. Too late though, and the plants are even more expensive because other players have already started building plants, or you might even get blocked since there is a limit on the number of cities that can be built in a city. It was an interesting dynamic, and the last couple of rounds were pretty explosive.

    I’m wondering if I was doing the player order correctly though… We determined the player order each round based on income and then played the phases in player order. However, comparing this to Power Grid, it seems like there is little disadvantage to being first in this game, aside from paying high taxes. Because of the way the auctions work, there is not much advantage to being last. It seems like Phase 3 should be played in reverse order, otherwise it results in a „rich get richer“ situation. However, I didn’t see in the rulebook that Phase 3 should be in reverse order, but I may have just missed it.

    Also feel like the points for majorities (7.III) could be a bit higher.

    Overall a very cool game. I would play 38X again


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