3 Kommentare zu “473 Die Welt der kampflustigen Großgrundbesitzer mit Hang zum Individuellen / The World of Combative Big Landowners with a Bias to Individualism

  1. First to say your income is limited, not always 10$ per hex(depending on the type of terrain), the chart in the middle of the book of worlds. I just tested it and it is very close to end the game in turn 4, but I din not manage to do it, because the income is limited, so it started a fight. Maybe it is possible, what you’ve seen, but I do think it depends on the starting city of the third player. (advanced play I know, maybe not the best starting scenario, because a wrong choice of the starting city can make the game.)

    • Thank you again for the fast reply.

      Second player started next to water, so he had only 2 tiles to conquer in T2 and T3.
      Could that make the difference? (reason: easier to defend capital)

      First player.
      T1: conquer 3 tiles: get 60$ (20 residents left)
      T2: conquer 3 tiles: get 90$ (17 residents left)
      T3: conquer 4 tiles: get 120$ (12 residents left) (also conquer city without losses)
      T4: with 120$: buy 12 residents, conquer tiles and win the game.

      Priveleges can help getting extra money, but I don’t think it made a difference this game.

      So the conclusion is that you need a certain situation to make it this easy, and we experienced this situation?

  2. Our second game, and I hope we made a wrong interpretation, because this game was finished before it really started.

    We start with 25 residents. The game ends when in Phase 3C, someone buys all his residents from this storage. The game ends after the end of the active player’s turn.

    So we all start at a different location, we take over some land, collect funds, and keep buying new residents every turn.
    The first player could buy his last resident in turn 4, before the other two had a change to act, so he automatically wins. And this was before we started fighting eachother.
    So all we did was buy residents, take control of area and then it was done. Can’t be correct.

    It was a 3 player game, so we start with 25 residents, correct?
    7.II gives our 10$ for each tile, if we have the most, or are tied with someone else, correct?
    We get income directly after movement and fighting, correct?
    So first turn we get +/- 50, and a few turns later, we get 100. And then we can start buying the last residents before we meet eachother to fight.

    There is too much income, which makes it too easy to reach te win condition of 4.I. Which is a strange win condition for military.
    I hope we overlooked something, or an errata is possible.

    Anyone experienced the same?


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