Ein Kommentar zu “728 Die Welt der mächtigsten Pioniere mit Produktionsbedarf / The World of the Mightiest Pioneers with Production Needs

  1. Thought that there was an English side but ah well. Played this with my daughter and a smaller board due to the table size.

    8.III is a lot of fun and adds more to the complexity of the game. Having to take some of your resources and make plants so that you can put more people out is difficult. For this game, 3 plants was all that was necessary to win the game by my daughter.

    7.I is simple in how it scores but really shines because of the random score times after people’s turns.

    2.II, I’ve used that a lot. It does well in limiting money and makes you do the .I module more. With 8.III, it made these choices difficult.


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